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Your Wedding Weekend in the Finger Lakes: Keep the party going all weekend

The Finger Lakes has so much to offer - and your friends and family are going to travel anyway. Why not share your favorite vacation spot with them? Host a wedding weekend in the Finger Lakes!

A wedding weekend in the Finger Lakes usually consists of a wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, a welcome party, an activity to do during the late morning of the wedding, wedding ceremony in the afternoon, cocktail hour and reception in the evening, followed by a late night party, and a send-off brunch the next day.

Overnight Accommodations

  • To host a wedding weekend, choose a venue with lodging on or near the property! New Park has 7 suites on the property, Twilight on Seneca and Cedarwood both have Mill Creek Cabins (3 cabins) less than 10 minutes from the venues!


  • Send your weekend wedding guests on a wine tour! The Finger Lakes has over 150 wineries, not to mention the breweries, distilleries, creameries, etc.

  • Send your guests to some of our local museums!

  • Here is our list of things to do in the Finger Lakes, curated by our staff!

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

  • Usually the rehearsal is at the venue, but did you know that it doesn't have to be? If you have an officiant and someone to coordinate (point and plan!), that's all you need to be able to guide your wedding party through what you want from them. Remember, the rehearsal is not about the surroundings, it's about everyone knowing what YOU want from them.

  • At New Park, you have the option of doing the ceremony in our beautiful ceremony area (if you choose the private weekend upgrade) or you can have the rehearsal at Cedarwood Event Venue, 10 minutes away! This is a great option if there's a wedding at New Park the day you want to have your rehearsal, and you can have the dinner AND the welcome party at Cedarwood!

  • If you have the rehearsal dinner at New Park, you can have your own catering brought in and if it's fewer than 50 people you can bring your own alcohol as well (our policy as of the time of this writing - sometimes our policies change, so check your contract!)

Welcome Party

  • This is totally optional, but a really FUN part of a wedding weekend!

"Morning of" Activities

  • Send your guests on a hike! A refreshing little hike is the bottom of Taughannock Falls. It's less than a mile and there's a stunning waterfall payoff.

  • We recommend NOT sending them wine tasting on the day of your wedding - they'll get sleepy during speeches!

Cocktail Hour & Reception

  • It's great to keep these in the same location, right? You can choose different spaces though! At New Park, the cocktail hour is in the Pavilion and on the decks, and the dinner reception is under the tent.

Late Night Party

  • Ain't no party like an after party! Your wedding weekend deserves an awesome after party, and the fire pit at New Park is your ultimate location!


  • We offer a "kiss goodbye" brunch in the Wish Room - an informal setting where your on-site and off-site guests can come by and say hello!

  • If you want a longer, more formal brunch (with bloody marys and mimosas!), you can have a Cedarwood Brunch! We'll make you eggnog french toast and quiche!

A bride getting ready in her suite on her wedding weekend
Wedding Weekend in Park Suite - Getting ready space

Photo credit: Hayley Anne Photography

A couple dancing at a wedding
Wedding Weekend Welcome Party in the Finger Lakes

Photo credit: Jordan DeNike Photography

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