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When will you have your New Park experience?

Availability listed is subject to change - soft holds are typically not shown here. Only Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are listed here. Let us know if you're interested in a weekday! 


"Two Day" means that day and the day before are available, so our full two day package is available. You can also book one of the smaller packages. Saturday two days are indicated in RED because two day is our most popular package! 

"Day and Night" means there's a group checking out that morning, but the Day and Night package is available. You can also choose a One Day package. 

"One Day" means some of the rooms may be booked, but the event space is available. 

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Available Dates for 2023


Jan-Apr - the tent will be down, smaller events only (please inquire)


Sunday, May 7 (Day and Night)

Saturday, May 13 (Day and Night)

Sunday, May 14 (Two Day)

Friday, May 19 (One Day)

Saturday, May 20 (One Day)

June (all Saturdays are booked)

Sunday June, 4 (Day and Night)

Sunday, June 11 (Day and Night)

Sunday, June 18 (Day and Night)

Friday, June 23 (Two Day)
Saturday, June 24 (Two Day)

Sunday, June 25 (Two day)


Friday, June 30 (Two Day)

Saturday, July 1 (Two Day)

Sunday, July 2 (Two Day)

Sunday, July 9 (One Day)

Friday, July 21 (Two Day)

Saturday, July 22 (Two Day)

Sunday, July 23 (Two Day)

Sunday, July 30 (Day and Night)

August (all Saturdays are booked)

Sunday, August 13 (Day and Night)

Sunday, August 20 (Day and Night)

Sunday, August 27 (Day and Night)


Sunday, September 3 (Day and Night)

Sunday, September 17 (Day and Night)

Sunday, September 24 (Day and Night)


Sunday, October 1 (Day and Night)

Sunday, October 15 (Day and Night)

Sunday, October 22 (Day and Night)

Friday, October 27 (Two Day)

Saturday, October 28 (Two Day) 

Sunday, October 29 (Two Day)


Friday, November 3 (Two Day)

Friday, November 10 (Two Day) Soft Hold

Saturday, November 11 (Two Day) Soft Hold

Sunday, November 12 (Two Day)

Friday, November 17 (Two Day)

Saturday, November 18 (Two Day)

Sunday, November 19 (Two Day)


After Nov 19, we will take the tent down until May - smaller groups and elopements welcome. 


All dates open except the following


6/7-6/9 soft

6/21-6/23 soft

6/28-6/30 soft





Suites are held on weekends during peak season to allow events to purchase full buy-outs. On occasion, we won't have an event, and if that's the case, we'll open the suites up to the public

Note: This calendar is for suite availability only. If you are planning an event or retreat, please inquire

If we are booked for your preferred date, try our sister property, Finger Lakes Mill Creek Cabins

Book all suites for a family reunion

Book a suite for a getaway

Give  your best friend a vacation

We are very dog friendly!

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