When will you have your New Park experience?

Our event availability schedule is below. Where there is an asterisk, only the event space is available - buy-outs of all of the suites are not possible on these dates, but you're welcome to rent the Pavilion and/or Wish Room and courtyard (bonfire area). 

We offer Saturday weddings, which can encompass the entire weekend - from Friday at 3pm to Sunday at 11am. We also offer Sunday weddings, which can include setup on Sunday morning, ceremony in the afternoon, and reception in the evening. Suite rental is optional, however, if you do rent all the suites, there's an option for a "late night party" from 11pm to 2am. Most of our weddings rent all the suites as a hotel block. 

Our Saturdays for 2022 are booked! We still have midweek and Sundays available! We have packages for small groups and elopements as well. 

Suites are held on weekends during peak season to allow events to purchase full buy-outs. On occasion, we won't have an event, and if that's the case, we'll open the suites up to the public

Note: This calendar is for suite availability only. If you are planning an event or retreat, please inquire

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We are very dog friendly!