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Don't choose a venue until...'ve seen all the venues you want to see!

If a venue is pressuring you to sign, it's because they don't want you to fall in love with the NEXT place. Don't fall for it!! It is YOUR wedding, and YOUR process. You should absolutely see every place that sparked your interest when you first started looking.

I see this all the time. People will have a tour set up and then cancel because they "already fell in love" with another venue. That's totally fine to fall in love with another venue, but taking a tour with another venue is not going to make your decision harder - it's going to CONFIRM what you already know!

We had a couple recently who took a tour, fell in love with New Park, but a family member said "you should really look at more than one venue". They did. And they still chose New Park. Because looking at the other venue helped them confirm what they knew in their heart - that New Park was the place for them.

If looking at a new place DOES make your decision harder - then maybe you need to re-look at your decision criteria. Maybe one venue is great for a huge wedding, but the other venue fits your vibe better. What's more important to you? Having everyone you love there? or having an experience that feels very "you"? Or maybe you just haven't found the right venue yet. TAKE YOUR TIME making these decisions.

At New Park, we never ever pressure you to sign. We don't even have the option for you to sign before you leave the tour (you sign electronically once you're home) - it's so important to us that you LOVE our place. We aren't going to take advantage of that excitement to land your dollar. Trust me - if you aren't PUMPED about getting married at New Park, then working together for 1+ year planning your wedding is not going to be any fun for any of us.

We also know (because we hear it ALLLLL the time) that New Park looks better in person. Which is kinda crazy because look at these photos........New Park looks STUNNING in photos (especially the professional ones from our favorite vendors), but the FEEL of New Park takes the whole experience to the next level. So we REALLY want people to come see it! Which is why I'm always crushed when couples cancel their tour because another venue got them to sign right away.

I know it's probably a flaw in my sales tactic - not going to lie, the salesperson in me gets a little jealous when another venue manages to land the booking on the tour. I know I could be more aggressive. But I don't want couples to choose New Park because my sales tactics were stronger than someone else's. I want them to choose it because my venue perfectly fits their personalities, because those are the weddings that FEEL GOOD to work on, and feel amazing to be at.

So please...take a tour of New Park. Then take a tour at 10 other venues. I'm confident that if New Park is right for you, you're not going to pass it up. We offer a $250 discount if you book within 10 days of your tour. TEN days. Not ten minutes...ten DAYS. And if you have a venue tour somewhere else 12 days out, just let me know and I might be able to extend it depending on the circumstance. New Park is not owned by a corporation with stuffy one-size-fits-all policies - it's owned by Sara, and Sara makes the rules! (That's me, I'm Sara.)

Take your time - it's worth it!

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