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October Wedding with a Chicago Connection

The mother of the bride was not enthusiastic that management changed hands between the time they booked New Park and the time the wedding actually happened. Who can blame her - with COVID the date of the wedding changed multiple times and we had no idea what the wedding would look like by the time it actually happened. To make matters worse, she wasn't confident that I could plan a wedding. She went so far as to pull up my LinkedIn profile and review my resume - while I sat on the phone.

"You went to University of Chicago?? That's where Rita went!"

It turns out we even had some of the same professors, including one who was invited to the wedding! A sigh of relief was exhaled on both sides of the phone that night.

The wedding was unique - Rita is artistic, academic, and carefree. An amazing combination for a New Park bride. Her attention to aesthetic details was unique and amazing. Her hair color coordinated with her dress and even the leaves on the ground - was that on purpose? With Rita, it was possible. Flecks of pink and orange poked through the ceremony and reception. She married Abhishek, a quiet academic type, with a great sense of humor once you got him going.

The wedding was also Jewish - which meant there was a chuppah at the ceremony site. For the reception, I had to rack my brain to find chairs that work for the horah. Then I had to find the people who were staying in that room that weekend to get the chairs out! I had to instruct the group where to raise the chairs so they didn't get their heads hit by the lights, or worse, the fan.

This wedding was followed up a few months later by an Indian wedding in India. I was invited! I didn't make it because of other obligations, but it was such an honor to be included.

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