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Announcing the Winners of the Photo Contest!

On Sunday, July 17, 2022, New Park opened its doors to the public for a photo contest.

Contestants dressed up, brought their friends, and had a ball taking photos all over the property. We set aside three of our most photogenic suites.

We were blown away by all who submitted photos and videos for this event. It was SO difficult to choose winners, but these photos stuck out in our minds for days after seeing them for the first time.

Overall Professional Photographers: Erica Emanuel of Captured Moments Photography Kassi Mangiarelli of KMangiarelli Photography

Overall Amateur: Brittany Horton

Best Selfie: Mykaia Williams Photo of Shelby Green

Best Family: KMangiarelli Photo of mother and daughter in the garden tub

Best Creative: Brittany Horton Mirror to a new dimension

Best Pet Photo: Captured Moments Photo of Golden Retriever and baby boy

Best Artistic: KMangiarelli Photo of mother and daughter in front of stained glass window

Best Romantic: Captured Moments Couple in front of the beds in Balloon room

Uniquely New Park: Brittany Horton Fairy walking in the stream

Trending Audio: Brittany Horton

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