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A Lookback at New Park's First Post-Pandemic Wedding

This was our first wedding at New Park under new ownership. I was so glad that this couple trusted me to take over their precious day. I probably asked them more questions than they asked me - I couldn't have asked for a better introduction into the wedding industry than working with this couple.

Not only was I nervous about this event, but it was the first event that we had without pandemic restrictions. We were nervous - do we mask? are we safe? are they safe? It worked out - all because this couple was so laid back.

Before this event, I thought weddings would be an occasional thing - if someone asked, I'd probably say yes, but it wasn't going to be a focus for me. After this event, I bought a subscription to The Knot / Wedding Wire. I knew I wanted to do more weddings.

Being part of their day brought me to tears. From the ceremony, to the reception, to the games played in the late night party - I felt on some level that this event would be a turning point in my life.

It sure was. Since this event, I've booked dozens of weddings - even quit my day job - and focused on the experience of the couples getting married and their hundreds of guests.


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