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Visit Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca

Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, NY is a must-visit natural attraction that offers a unique experience for visitors. It is surrounded by lush green forests, rock formations, and natural pools, and offers hiking trails suitable for all skill levels. The park also offers designated areas for swimming and fishing, picnic areas, and is wheelchair accessible. It is an excellent spot to experience the beauty of nature and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day.

Here are some reasons why you should consider visiting Buttermilk Falls:

  1. Scenic beauty: Buttermilk Falls is known for its stunning beauty. The falls are surrounded by lush green forests, rock formations, and natural pools that make for a beautiful and tranquil setting.

  2. Hiking trails: The park offers several hiking trails that wind through the forests and along the stream, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of the falls up close. The trails are suitable for all skill levels and offer beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes.

  3. Swimming and fishing: The natural pools and stream that feed into the falls provide opportunities for swimming and fishing. The park has designated areas for swimming and lifeguards on duty during the summer months.

  4. Picnic areas: The park has several picnic areas, making it an excellent spot for a family outing or a relaxing picnic with friends.

  5. Accessibility: Buttermilk Falls is easily accessible by car, and there is plenty of parking available. The park is also wheelchair accessible, making it possible for everyone to enjoy its beauty.

Photo courtesy of the New York State Park website

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