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One Year Anniversary of New Park

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

On March 29, 2021, we closed on New Park. It was also Rebecca's birthday! If you don't know Rebecca, she's our Accommodations Manager. We've been building this organization together for four years now (for those who don't know, Mill Creek Cabins is also part of our company and has been since 2018)!

On March 29, 2022, we celebrated one year of being open. Tompkins Weekly even wrote an article called "A Year of Adventures at New Park".

On a day to day basis, we never feel like there are enough hours in the day. We never feel like we're making the progress that we want to make. However, when we reflect on what we accomplished in the past year, we were pretty proud of ourselves!


Held our first season of events, including the Trumansburg Prom, graduation parties, and weddings!

Held a Ribbon Cutting to introduce New Park to the business community

Stayed open for the entire winter - we didn't think it would be too hard - just hire someone to plow snow right?? Wrong - many of the heating systems needed to be upgraded too! But now we are good to go on winter!

Hired a team of cleaners - we went from a team of 2 part-time staff to 3 full-time staff and 5-6 part-time staff in one year

Re-decorated 6 suites with the help of a Texas-based (now digital nomad based) design company called Karwell

Renovation of Key Cottage, including new roof and refinished floors, with design support by local design company, Kyi Gyaw Interiors.

Re-built the gardens that had been destroyed by deer over the winter

Bought a dog (maybe that's more personal to me than the business, but Bunny is a part of New Park now!)

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