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How to make your wedding FUN

At New Park, we do weddings! And the weddings that happen at New Park are FUN. Here are a few ways to make a wedding really fun.

  1. Personalize the wedding: Add personal touches to your wedding, such as incorporating your favorite hobbies, interests, or shared memories. This will help make the wedding feel unique and special.

  2. Keep guests entertained: Plan activities and entertainment to keep guests engaged throughout the day, such as a photo booth, lawn games, or a dance floor. We have an epic dance floor and we provide lots of lawn games!

  3. Serve great food and drinks: Delicious food and drinks are key to any fun event. Consider offering unique and tasty options, such as a signature cocktail or a dessert bar.

  4. Surprise your guests: Plan unexpected surprises throughout the day, such as a surprise performance, a firework display, or a late-night snack.

  5. Involve your guests: Encourage your guests to participate in the wedding festivities, such as by including them in a group dance or a fun game.

  6. Provide comfortable seating: Make sure your guests have comfortable seating, such as cozy couches or lounge chairs, where they can relax and socialize.

  7. Choose the right music: Music sets the tone for any event. Hire a great DJ or live band that will keep the party going and play music that appeals to a variety of guests.

The MOST important thing to do on your wedding day is to HAVE FUN YOURSELVES. If you're having fun, everyone else will have fun as well. RELAX, it's a party, and all of your best friends are there!

Remember, a fun wedding is all about creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. Don't be afraid to get creative and make the day uniquely yours!

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