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Dog-friendly accommodations in the Finger Lakes!

Do you like traveling with your pups? Go ahead and bring them along! All our properties allow dogs - New Park, Mill Creek Cabins, and Brookside Cottage.

Mill Creek Cabins in Lodi

We offer a lot of amenities for your dogs - you can bring as many as you want! At Cedar Cabin, we have a fenced in backyard - just open the door and let Fido explore! At Basswood, we have a fenced in side yard, so you can let your dog hang out in the sun leash-free. All cabins have dog beds and complimentary dog biscuits. A crate can be requested. There is also a mile-long hike on the property - take your dogs for a walk!

New Park in Ithaca

Park Suite, Balloon Suite, Key Cottage, Finger Lakes Cottages, Upper Bunk, and Lower Bunk cottages are all dog-friendly. We have a dog run on the property where you can toss the frisbee. There are 18 acres of forest with trails that you can explore with your dog. New Park is also an event venue and dogs are allowed for the ceremony, reception, AND overnight!

Brookside Cottage in Interlaken

We offer plenty of comforts for your pup, including a fenced in backyard, dog bowls, and dog biscuits. Brookside Cottages is a one-bedroom cottage in the town of Interlaken - close to both the Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. It has plenty of comforts for you as well - large, well-outfitted kitchen, nicely designed living area, and two queen beds on the second floor. There's also a babbling brook that runs right past the house - you can hear it right outside the window!

Woman with curly hair takes a selfie with a sleeping puppy
Sara and Bunny in Lower Bunk

Bunny goes on a hike

Bunny meets our stray cat, Sabrina

Dog on couch
Bunny makes herself comfortable on the couch in the Wish Room

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