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Definitive list of the three most romantic suites at New Park

New Park is all about romance - we host weddings almost every weekend of the summer and fall - we love that ooey gooey love stuff.

Maybe you're getting married at New Park and you're renting all of the suites - but which one do you want to stay in? It's not a small question - it will be the first night of your marriage!

Or maybe you're on your honeymoon, or on a getaway for your anniversary, or you just like to make all vacations romantic - you want to know which of our suites is going to blow away your partner.

So which suite do you want to stay in? This is not an easy decision, because all of our rooms are truly amazing!!!

We have 7 suites, and they're all different, and they're all special. You can tell that time and care were put into each and every one of them. And your partner is going to know that you put time and care into choosing a suite for the two of you to stay in for the weekend.

Of our 7 suites, four of them have 2 queens in them, so while they're also stunning, we're removing them from this particular list. You will be VERY happy with any of these three suites.

The MOST ROMANTIC suite at New Park is..........










When you walk in this suite, you see the high ceilings, the romantic light fixtures (I added those, those are one of my personal touches!), the king bed, and luxurious furniture, the windows tinted by stained glass so you have privacy without sacrificing light...

You even have a beautiful fireplace.

But then you walk in THAT BATHROOM. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. When I do wedding tours, they're usually pretty impressed when they walk in the room, but when I tell them "the bathroom is worth a look too", they're usually sold. The garden tub oozes romance, but the shower - wow. Two people could have a dance party in there. And you think the toilet might be nothing to look at, but it has a Japanese bidet. It's a Toto!

The second most romantic suite is possibly even more beautiful, depending on your taste. The ONLY reason it's not on the top of the list is because of that garden tub - it's tough to beat that!

Weird name, sweet place. The cabin-walled room has a stunning stained glass window right in the middle of the wall. This suite is the best if you're a morning person - you'll be up with the sun. The king bed is so cozy. And the bathroom is lovely too, with a large tiled shower with a surprise mosaic.

The third most romantic suite is Key Cottage.

Key Cottage has that privacy factor. It has no shared walls, and the windows in the sleeping area are frosted, so you can't see in or out. It also has a full kitchen, so if one of you is a good cook, maybe you can make a little breakfast in bed!

Key Cottage also has a very cozy fireplace.

Key has a queen bed, and a fold down sofa in case one of you likes to stay up later than the other (or one of you snores - I don't need to know why!).

There you have it! The three most romantic suites at New Park. The other four suites are also stunning, but they have 2 queens in each of them - bringing friends or kids along can kind of interrupt that romance factor, lol. You can still book those and only have two of you stay in it though!

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